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We are a global management consulting firm. We help businesses tackle complex problems and achieve consistent, sustainable growth.

Our services cover all business areas from strategy, operations, and financial planning to sales, marketing, and recruitment. We tailor our services to meet your unique needs, vision, and mandates. We then help you integrate new solutions, streamline your business, and maximize your results.

Providing Full Business Support

Mayfair Brooks Consulting provides services to companies in the UK, EU, Asia, and Africa. We have experience working across many industries including finance, energy, shipping, banking, infrastructure, trading, and procurement.

We are successful because of our wealth of expertise, our large network of contacts, and our ability to help your business thrive in all market conditions. We use these assets to create actionable solutions and to generate more revenue for your business.

Building Business Relationships

Mayfair Brooks Consulting aims to build strong relationships with clients and contribute to their success by helping them meet business demands.

We help our clients at every level of their organization, whether as a trusted advisor to top management or as a hands-on coach to junior employees. For each and every collaboration, we offer you the support you need to break down barriers and achieve successful business outcomes.

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Our Services


Develop a game-changing strategy that enables you to start new projects, enter new markets, and achieve better results.


Make sound financial decisions that lead to reduced costs, higher revenue, and faster business growth.


Leverage technology to increase operational efficiency, drive digital innovation, and get a competitive edge on the market.


Create a customer-focused strategy that leads to better brand awareness, higher engagement, and higher conversion rates.


Work with us to identify target growth markets, finetune your strategy, and improve your overall sales performance.


Boost productivity by improving internal procedures, streamlining operations, and optimizing your procurement strategy.

Risk Management

Get the expert help you need to carry out risk assessments, fulfil your legal responsibilities, and ensure regulatory compliance.


Find new business opportunities, create sustainable financial models, and integrate M&As into your long-term growth strategy.


Get a solution that includes everything from licensing, operations, and liquidity to sales, marketing, and payments.

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Secure funding for new ventures. We can help you find investors for manufacturing, infrastructure, real estate, and sustainable energy projects.


Open your own forex brokerage. We can help you register a company, recruit personnel, launch operations, and grow your customer base.


Strive for sustainable, long-term energy solutions. We can help you harness the power of technology to reduce your carbon footprint.


Achieve commercial and operational excellence. We can help you with planning, finance, risk management, and procurement.


Overcome challenges in capacity and operations. We can help you with pricing, network management, and demand-based segmentation.


Overcome challenges in capacity and operations. We can help you with pricing, network management, and demand-based segmentation.

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