Mayfair Brooks is an innovative financial services provider offering high-performing investment solutions. As a partner, you could earn commission for introducing new clients to our brand.  We offer a wide range of deals designed to maximise your potential earnings and help you achieve your own business goals. Sign up today and enjoy greater profitably as a Mayfair Brooks partner.


Retail Business

Earn money by introducing individual investors to our high-performing investment strategies.


Institutional Business

Introduce our services to financial institutions, brokerage firms, funds, and other corporate entities.


Mixed Flow Business

Increase your  earnings by introducing both retail and institutional investors to our services.

Multi-level structure

This model is perfect if you are looking to further develop your business by introducing partners as well as clients. The tiered reward structure means that you can earn commission for your partners clients, as well as your own. Our multi-level deals are flexible, and we offer you the opportunity to negotiate the remuneration rates given to your partners. This means you have more control over your business structure and can set up deals in a way that maximises your profitability.

Conversion Based Model

This model is well-suited to partners who enjoy seeing immediate returns. If you are looking for a consistent, highly profitable reward plan then this could well be the best option for you. Simply promote our services via your network and your marketing channels and you will receive a fixed payment for every client you bring who later invests with us. With the possibility of introducing both retail and institutional clients, you will soon find that our CBMs (Conversion Based Models) deals are a great way to boost your income.

Performance Based Model

This model is based on volume and performance. Our clients tend to be high-net worth individuals or organizations seeking long-term investment solutions. By partnering with us, you can receive ongoing commissions for introducing similar investors. By choosing this volume-based model, it also means there is no limit to the amount of commission you can earn. The more your customers invest, the more money you make, and the more your business will grow.



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1 Fore Street Avenue EC2Y 9DT London

1 Fore Street Avenue EC2Y 9DT London


+41435510018 [email protected]
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